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Dance Costume Garment Bag, Double Sided, 35" - Set of 3 (White,Pink, Purple)

Dance Costume Garment Bag, Double Sided, 35" - Set of 3 (White,Pink, Purple)

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Easy Access

Double Sided for Easy Access - Dancer's garment bag can open from the Front OR the Back, when storing multiple dance garments, you only need to open the garments bag and take them out easily, reducing prep time.

Extended Capacity

3" Gusseted for Extended Capacity - regular travel bag for dance are ungusseted and hold up to 2 garments. Our travel garment bag has a 3 inch extension at the sides and can hold up to 5 dance costumes. Perfect for competition or traveling, it makes outfit prep easy.

Multiple Pockets

Multiple Pockets for More Capacity - The garment bag can not only hold 3-5 pieces of clothing, but also shoes, accessories and makeup for dance competitions. All you need is a garment bag to store all your race prep essentials.

Personalized Name Card Pockets

Personalized Name Card Pockets - With a name card pocket on the front and back, you can create a special name card and put it in the name card pocket, easily distinguish it from other dancers' garment bag and avoid confusion.


35 x 16.5 x 3 inches

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Three Zippered Pockets

Three large zipped pockets can hold 3-5 pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup for competitions. With a bit of preparation, dancers will stay organized backstage so they can focus on the performance.

Large Opening for Hangers

Extra large opening can support all types of hangers and multiple hangers. Easy to take out hanger with no worry.